Two Year B.Ed

  • The Two-year course, based on the recommendations of the National Council for Teacher Education (NCTE), and designed to meet the professional requirements of secondary school teachers, provides quality teachers for secondary schools in Science and Maths, and Languages and Social Sciences.

  • The students, drawn from the western region and admitted to the course every year opt for either Science and Maths or Social Sciences and Languages. This entitles them to become efficient teachers of Science/Maths, and Social Science and Languages respectively.

  • Students from Social Sciences and Languages group have to study any of the five languages- Hindi, English, Urdu, Gujarati and Marathi. The language that they study during the period enables them to become language teachers of the language concerned.

  • History, Geography, Political Science, and Economics are well integrated and taught as a single subject. The course is so designed that the students are well versed in content as well as pedagogy. This enables them to become quality teachers of Social Sciences taught as a single subject at schools at the secondary level.

  • A three- to- four-week programme for B.Ed. Ist year students, and an eight-week programme for B.Ed. 2nd year students, provides them school experience under SEP (School Experience Programme) which eventually enables them to develop the competencies they would require for imparting quality education in future.

  • Field Work with Community is one of the activities in which students of B.Ed. are involved, besides Work Experience, Physical Education, and Aesthetic Education.

  • It exposes them to the realities of life that help them develop the skills they would require while interacting with the community in future.

Boys Girls Year Total
18 58 1 76
17 47 2 64
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