Department of Education in Social Sciences and Humanities

The Department of Education in Social Sciences and Humanities (DESSH) currently conducts four-year integrated B.A.Ed. course in Languages and Social Sciences.

The English unit of DESSH has prepared instructional packages in specific areas of English language teaching at the secondary level for dissemination to practicing teachers of English in the region with objective of improving current ELT practices and upgrading the quality of teaching in secondary and higher secondary school.

Some of its faculty members are registered by the Barkatullah University, Bhopal for guiding doctoral research leading to Ph.D. in Education, Commerce and English and are currently engaged in guiding doctoral students in several areas of research.

The Department has a Geography Laboratory to facilitate learning among teacher trainees and in-service teachers. The faculty members of the department are from the areas of English, Geography, History, Political Science, Economics, Gujrati, Marathi, Hindi, Urdu and Commerce.


  1. Dr. Nidhi Tiwari, Professor (English),Head, DESSH
  2. Dr. Sarika C. Saju, Associate Professor (Sociology)
  3. Dr. Suresh Makwana, Assistant Professor (Gujarati)
  4. Dr. Vanthangpui Khobung, Assistant Professor (Political Science)
  5. Dr. Sangeeta Pethiya, Assistant Professor (History)
  6. Dr. Shruti Tripathi, Assistant Professor (English)
  7. Dr. Soyhunlo Sebu, Assistant Professor (Geography)
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